Technical Training Programs

We have in-house weekly workshops that provide hands on technical experience on instruments and gadgets.

Soft Skills Development Programs

We have trainings in professional etiquette and to nurture professional culture within that builds self-respect and a good character

Guest Lectures

We have a dedicated month for seminars by current experts in the field for students to watch and learn as they present various perspectives to a subject and expose them to trending issues. Students interact during the session to gain deeper insights and guidance. Future placement opportunities start opening up for students as they interact with the guests and provide their feedback to the LVS Career Hub.

Industrial Visits

We assist students to get familiarized with industry environment which they are likely to pursue after completing their project internship successfully.

Campus Drive

How nice would it be to have a job in your pocket even before you have your graduation certification in your hand!

We invite industries and services that conduct campus interviews through rounds of aptitude tests, group discussions and personal interviews and come back with job offer letters for eligible students. Several opportunities are presented both in mass and individually to registered students by the cell. For those who are left without an offer, are further encouraged and trained to appear for interviews.