Types of Engineering Careers in India

19 September 2018

engineering careers in India

Here are the best of engineering careers available in India. Engineering has a large number of job opportunities and a wider network of specialties. Discover the 4 main types of engineering careers available in India. There are many new courses available which have been developed from these main 4 courses.


Mechanical engineers have the special skill of designing machines and its components. Use of machines is increasing day by day as the cities are industrializing and need of machines and its components is also increasing.

Therefore indirectly need of mechanical engineers who can design efficient machines is also increasing. Not only industries but from energy to health care everywhere there is need for equipment which is designed by mechanical engineers.


Civil engineers plan and manage construction of buildings. Everything that needs to be constructed is designed and managed by a civil engineer. If you are having a great interest in structure designing and you can visualize all those constructing things happening then you should definitely go for civil engineers.

It is a difficult course but once you made through it there are millions of opportunities for you.  If you have done bachelors in civil engineering than for masters you can choose different lines like IT, computer science also. So the career option is wide for all civil engineers.


Electrical engineering is everything about designing and making electrical equipment. If you’re smart enough to design some useful equipment which can be useful to the world if you’re interested in energy conservation and electricity concepts than this are the best career path for you.  You don’t need a degree to work as an electrician you can simply become a technician and start changing the world. There are lots of opportunities in this field.


Chemical engineers are known as universal engineers. Chemical engineers know everything about every field. From designing part till the fabrics used in making of clothes, shoes and many other things. The chemical engineer can easily get a job in any company if he/she is smart enough.

Chemical engineering is not limited to simply industry and its chemicals but everything which is made of chemicals needs a chemical engineer in their company. Whether it is a clothing brand or a shoe brand need of chemical engineer is everywhere

The above listed are the main four careers of engineering. There are many sub-courses developed from these main courses which are listed below.
1. Aerospace engineering
2. Agricultural engineering
3. Automotive engineering
4. Biomedical engineering
5. Computer engineering
6. Design engineering
7. Environmental engineering
8. Food science engineering
9. Marine engineering
10. Mining engineering
11. Nanoengineering (engineering on nano-technology)

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16 July 2019

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