Importance of extracurricular activities in school life

27 August 2018

There is always an argument that extracurricular activities are not so much important in a child’s life.

For development, extra activities are also most important in student’s life.

Students are pressurized during exams and they have performance pressure too of gaining good grades. In such conditions, there is a need for some extra activities.  You cannot force a student to just read books and become intelligent.

Extra activities are also important for the overall development of students.

Sometimes when a school offers sports and extra activities parents do not allow their children to participate. Some students also feel that they do not need the activities, all they need is to concentrate on their books in many school teachers have to convince parents to permit their children to participate in activities. Parents feel that extra activities will distract their children from studies.

Co-curricular activities are important just as academics. When a student is made to do academics and co-curricular activities then only a well-rounded development of the student is done. Education should go beyond the four classroom walls; it should be more than just books.

Students have lots of activities to choose from. Cultural activities, sports activities, competitions, house on duties and lot more. Some students are even interested in more than one activities and they do participate in both keeping in mind about their academics.


  • Academic performance is improved.
Students who participate in extra activities get better grades. This is because of the skills they learn from participating in different activities. Students learn to manage time, organizational skills and improved self-confidence. Students also learn to express themselves in a better way.

  • Time management skills are improved.
Students who participate in extra activities need to learn time management. As they have to manage time between academics and extra activities. They learn to manage time and also learn how to keep them engaged in free time also. Everything they do will be productive. Time management plays an important role in examinations also, how to write answers in what time is also an important skill to learn. Time management will be used throughout the life.

Students also learn new skills which are useful in school life. Skills like teamwork, time management, management of any activity, how to lead a group and many more extra skills. Students who participate in sports and other activities have better leadership skills and learn how to grow and build relations with one another.

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities learn how to commit themselves to a particular thing they get involved in. This is because as they take part in whatever sports or club activity they are a member of, they have to commit to it and give their all, and this commitment extends to all other areas of their lives.

Extracurricular activities are utmost important in a students life. Students who get involved in extra activities meet new people and because of that their social skills are improved. Students can expand their network which is also beneficial in finding better career opportunities.

Best School In Vapi - Laxmi Vidyapeeth School

1 August 2018

Choosing a right best school for your child in vapi is the first step towards their education. A Laxmi Vidyapeeth School Vapi which teaches important social lessons of life to children is important in this age. Not just for education, a school also helps in the interaction between students of different social and financial background.

Nowadays, with the options available it is really very bewildering for parents to choose the best. Good results are not the only factor to be considered. Sports facilities, infrastructure, extracurricular activities are a few of them which need to be considered. 

Best School In Vapi-Laxmi Vidyapeeth

Laxmi Vidyapeeth School Vapi School is often referred to as the temple of learning, where they learn the life skills for facing the future. A good teacher plays an important role in shaping the best  future of the children. After parents, comes the teacher who is responsible for them during the school. Laxmi Vidyapeeth School Vapi, one of the best school in Vapi, is located in a sprawling 120 acres campus with facilities to match the imaginations of the elites. In a serene environment away from the city, the lush green atmosphere of Laxmi Vidyapeeth Vapi School provides the students a system that is a perfect blend of modern techniques and traditional values facilitating the enhancement of their physical, mental, social and spiritual values. Smt.Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Charitable Trust has been nourishing this temple of learning since June 2007. It was started with the perspective of trust, understanding and respect. 

Why Laxmi Vidyapeeth School Best School For Vapi?
Laxmi Vidyapeeth School, with its excellent infrastructure facilities, modern teaching techniques, attention to each student individually and good teaching staff has gained the reputation for excellent school in Vapi. 

Top CBSE School in Vapi- Laxmi International CBSE School

26 July 2019

There are numbers of Top CBSE schools in Vapi. A large number of students aspire to study in CBSE board. There is a lot of pressure to score well in the CBSE examinations; therefore the choice of right school should be done for proper guidance and preparations. Laxmi International CBSE School is one of the best CBSE affiliated school in Vapi.

Vapi is located on the banks of river Damanganga in Valsad district of Gujarat. With more than 1500 industries Vapi is the largest industrial city of Gujarat. As a major industrial area, it boosts the economic growth of Gujarat. Besides being Famous for its industries, Vapi is also emerging as the educational hub with many colleges and schools affiliated with different education board.

CBSE Schools do more than just educating students. CBSE Schools prepare students for life. They develop communication skills, respect for themselves & self-discipline. CBSE Schools offer a wide curriculum in the main learning areas- Mathematics, Science, and English, a language other than English & health and physical education. Students are prepared for other education like- Teamwork, self-expression and personal development that happen outside the classroom.

Top CBSE School-Laxmi International

Laxmi International School is a co-educational senior secondary day, day boarding cum residential school affiliated with the central board of secondary education, Delhi. Laxmi International CBSE School is a Place to learn and a Space to Grow. LIS believe in the supremacy of overall development of students. For LIS, the essence of education is the growth of each student not just intellectually but emotionally, socially and spiritually.

LIS provides hostel facility for students and separate hostels for boys and girls. Hostel at LIS provides a family atmosphere and student’s activities are constantly supervised for safety purpose. Each floor of the hostel has Residing staffs who look after the hostel students.

Laxmi International CBSE School has a well-designed student-friendly campus spread over 120 acres of land. LIS is divided into three sections.
  • Pre Primary School (Nursery to senior Kindergarten)
  • Junior School (classes 1 - 8)
  • Senior School (Classes 9 to 12)

It is necessary to have all facilities which are beneficial for student’s growth. LIS has it all.
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Science Laboratories
  • Auditorium
  • Library
  • Mess
  • Health Unit
  • Sports facilities
  • Sports complex
  • Transportation
  • Canteen
Above mentioned are the facilities provided by LIS for lively academic learning which also makes LIS stand out from the other as top CBSE school in Vapi.

Apart from facilities LIS also takes care of student overall development. Teachers at LIS make students think beyond the boundaries. They inspire students to be more creative, skilful and Innovative. Teachers of LIS ignite the passion of Knowledge in their students. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are also important for a student’s growth as an individual.LIS has a school council, house system, Activity Clubs & Societies, Students & Teachers Exchange Programs, and Sports & Outdoor Games. All these activities play an important role in the development of the student.

Getting your children enrolled at Laxmi International CBSE School will be the best decision you will make for the betterment their future.

If you wish to know more about this school, arrange a visit, or contact the school.