21 April 2019

When schools are on, the folks miss the vacations until they get hiccups and the moment vacation begins the situation turns vice-versa. Fighting the seasonal boredom can be a daunting task but, if the weapon is right, then there's no looking back.

Mentioned below are FIVE entertaining activities that one can fill each summer days with, and guess what? It won't even break the bank!

Learn a New Musical Instrument

Strum the Guitar or beat the drum, one can choose from the potential list of instruments available out there and learn during the summer vacations. Also, no surprise if one becomes a rock star of our country in the process.

Cook or Bake

Don't we all love filling our tummies with the yummies while at home during summer? This summer vacation, try and cook it. To begin with, one can bake some delicious brownies or cook some veggies.

Art & Crafts

Paint something creative on paper, canvas or the wall! Be innovative, make DIYs or satisfy the artistic skills by using those pastel colour paints which are about to dry.

Learn a New Language

Did you know, there are approximately 6500 languages in the word! Well, there is no harm in knowing a handful of them. Vacations are the best time to give your 100% to it. Also, greeting in different languages are always fun!

Seeding & Planting

Do you know what is best in the summer season? Seeding & Planting. A small pot, few seeds, mud, and water that's all one need to get started!

So, get ready and ring in the summer with these entertaining activities as there are many things to do and so little time!


14 April 2019

Does the thought of living away from your family and studying at a boarding school startle you? Of course, a tinge of home-sickness, missing your parents, friends might hit you in the beginning but, trust us living in a boarding school is that once in a lifetime opportunity which is totally worth it.

Don't believe us? Then, read the 07 reasons why boarding school is best and know it yourself.

1. The Academics & Overall development

Right from easy access to teachers to hi-tech labs, laboratories, and libraries, all these things add to your excellent academic results and overall personality development.

2. Lots of sports & co-curricular activities

At boarding school, you either become pro at playing football, become an excellent public speaker, or master the skills of performing arts; in all three cases, the benefit is yours.

3. Unlimited Fun & Adventure

Every boarding school has a little bit of Hogwarts in it - Magic, Fun & Adventure go hand-in-hand.

4. Get F.R.I.E.N.D.S for a lifetime

Just like Harry got Ron & Hermoine, you too will find friends who will make your life less boring, and more happening.

5. Unlimited Exposure

There is no better place than a boarding school for you to get exposed to different cultures, diversity, and religions which helps you in understanding the world better.

6. Be with Nature

The locations of the boarding school are the best thing about them. Far away from pollution, the serene environment brings the required calmness they need for their studies and health.

7. Disciplined, Independent & Responsible

You become self-reliable, you acquire the art of managing things on your own and a responsible human being. Plus, there is nothing more compelling than being all this at the same time.

At a boarding school, you don't remain a mere student, you become your caretaker, imbibe the quality of standing with friends through thick and thin, become artist or athlete. You begin your journey towards being called Self-made!

Why should engineers pursue MBA after graduation?

25 August 2019

MBA after engineering is the ultimate solution towards your professional success

Most of the students go through the confusion after graduation whether they should pursue MBA or not?

Students who opt for it engineering study about various technologies and software. Most of the companies prefer students with a strong technical background. For technology-based roles only it engineers are preferred.

But the students who are not having sound technical skills cannot get the job they dream for.

For that, they actually need to do more than just engineering.

Why not MBA?

Why MBA after Engineering?

Engineers who are technically strong get a job in their best fit companies. All engineers having strong technical background love to get a job in bigger IT companies.

But, when the software engineer wants to grow their career there is a need for some extra skills or extra talent.

There will be a need for managerial skills to climb further in your professional career.

There is also a case where students have less technical skills and are struggling to get jobs in proper companies so it’s better to do an MBA if you’re not satisfied enough with your technical skills.

You can have a package of both managerial and technical skills which will make you a complete person who is the best choice for all companies.

So it is better for upgrading your skills including managerial skill.

Learn more about the reasons for choosing MBA after Engineering degree.

1. Corporate Success 

All the bigger companies believe that a person who has done MBA after graduation in engineering is the best choice for them. They can’t have a better combination than this. To have an engineer with technical skills as well as managerial skills is something beyond their expectations.

With management skills, engineers can improve their career by getting a promotion or getting jobs directly for higher grade position. The engineers lacking managerial skills would grow slowly in the corporate sector.

2. Develop Management Skills.

Being an engineer, you have already developed an understanding of the technical side of your respective field.

MBA is about practical life. How you deal with the problems and situations is more important.

You get to learn time management, better communication, finance management and many other management qualities that are required to become a good manager.

You also learn how to tackle some critical issues or situations.

If you master in all these skills you become a perfect choice for your favorite job.

3. Understand Business as a Whole.

You need to develop a perfect perspective to work and work-related problems.

Business is not only about managing accounts and growing the sale, it is also about solving and managing large-scale problems.

You need to have that quality of solving the most complex problems. During MBA you will understand what actually business is and the important skills you need to develop.

4. Improve your Career.

If you’re simply an engineer you might not get a much higher pay.

The average salary of an engineer with MBA is much higher. The logic is simple if you have some extra skills apart from the technical side you will be paid higher.

Every company nowadays looks for a person who can do multiple tasks.

So if you have done MBA after engineering than your salary will be boosted for sure.

5. Personality Development.

Many engineers lack in personality.

Once you’re in MBA you will develop your personality also.

The MBA curriculum focuses a lot on the overall development of students. It includes activities like group discussions, teamwork, project, presentations etc. as a result of these activities students learn to communicate well and all these skills are an important role for becoming a manager.

In addition to these students who have completed their MBA after engineering the move to foreign countries as the chances of getting a job over there increases.

So MBA after engineering is very beneficial as well as it gives you a corporate as well as personal boost also.

Top CBSE School in Vapi- Laxmi International CBSE School

26 July 2019

There are numbers of Top CBSE schools in Vapi. A large number of students aspire to study in CBSE board. There is a lot of pressure to score well in the CBSE examinations; therefore the choice of right school should be done for proper guidance and preparations. Laxmi International CBSE School is one of the best CBSE affiliated school in Vapi.

Vapi is located on the banks of river Damanganga in Valsad district of Gujarat. With more than 1500 industries Vapi is the largest industrial city of Gujarat. As a major industrial area, it boosts the economic growth of Gujarat. Besides being Famous for its industries, Vapi is also emerging as the educational hub with many colleges and schools affiliated with different education board.

CBSE Schools do more than just educating students. CBSE Schools prepare students for life. They develop communication skills, respect for themselves & self-discipline. CBSE Schools offer a wide curriculum in the main learning areas- Mathematics, Science, and English, a language other than English & health and physical education. Students are prepared for other education like- Teamwork, self-expression and personal development that happen outside the classroom.

Top CBSE School-Laxmi International

Laxmi International School is a co-educational senior secondary day, day boarding cum residential school affiliated with the central board of secondary education, Delhi. Laxmi International CBSE School is a Place to learn and a Space to Grow. LIS believe in the supremacy of overall development of students. For LIS, the essence of education is the growth of each student not just intellectually but emotionally, socially and spiritually.

LIS provides hostel facility for students and separate hostels for boys and girls. Hostel at LIS provides a family atmosphere and student’s activities are constantly supervised for safety purpose. Each floor of the hostel has Residing staffs who look after the hostel students.

Laxmi International CBSE School has a well-designed student-friendly campus spread over 120 acres of land. LIS is divided into three sections.
  • Pre Primary School (Nursery to senior Kindergarten)
  • Junior School (classes 1 - 8)
  • Senior School (Classes 9 to 12)

It is necessary to have all facilities which are beneficial for student’s growth. LIS has it all.
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Science Laboratories
  • Auditorium
  • Library
  • Mess
  • Health Unit
  • Sports facilities
  • Sports complex
  • Transportation
  • Canteen
Above mentioned are the facilities provided by LIS for lively academic learning which also makes LIS stand out from the other as top CBSE school in Vapi.

Apart from facilities LIS also takes care of student overall development. Teachers at LIS make students think beyond the boundaries. They inspire students to be more creative, skilful and Innovative. Teachers of LIS ignite the passion of Knowledge in their students. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are also important for a student’s growth as an individual.LIS has a school council, house system, Activity Clubs & Societies, Students & Teachers Exchange Programs, and Sports & Outdoor Games. All these activities play an important role in the development of the student.

Getting your children enrolled at Laxmi International CBSE School will be the best decision you will make for the betterment their future.

If you wish to know more about this school, arrange a visit, or contact the school.

NIOS Centre in Vapi- LaxmiVidyapeeth Government recognized NIOS centre institute in Valsad

21 July 2019

Enroll NIOS-National School of Open Schooling for Schooling Coaching in Vapi Industrial Estate, Vapi.Laxmi Vidyapeeth Government recognized institute for NIOS, believes in imparting holistic education inculcating qualities in students that encourage them.

Homeschooling/Home Education is an alternative education option. Not sending a child/adult to a regular traditional private/public schools but either teaching them at home or sending them to a Government recognized institute. This means that there is flexibility in schedule and curriculum. Now, Laxmi Vidyapeeth in Valsad,Vapi Diu & Daman believes in imparting holistic education inculcating qualities in students that encourage them to become lifelong learners and spread One Happiness. To make this belief even stronger, Gajera Trust now introduces NIOS, a schooling platform for everyone in the community which supports their passion and ensures a bright future for every soul connect to it

NIOS is "Open School" to cater to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners up to pre-degree level. It was started as a project with in-built flexibilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1979. In 1986, the National Policy on Education suggested strengthening of Open School System for extending open learning facilities in a phased manner at secondary level all over the country as an independent system with its own curriculum and examination leading to certification.

India is a developing country and the need of the hour is skilled manpower for the growing sectors. NIOS aims to bridge this gap by providing 101 vocational programs in the areas of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Business and Commerce, Computers and Information Technology , Paramedical Sciences, Teaching to name a few. Self-learning material will be provided by the institute. Self learning material is supported by audio/visual and face to face classes which are held at the study centers on holidays and weekends. The best part is Flexibility of Learning.What, where, when to learn will be decided by you. You can choose when to give exams. The NIOS programs pay special attention towards requirements of the first generation learners, physically, mentally and visually challenged learners and candidates from disadvantaged sections of the society. Age is a no bar here.

LaxmiVidyapeeth in Valsad is one of the coaching/training institute of NIOS. LaxmiVidyapeeth understands the importance of education at all levels and promotes to grow not only an individual but a community. Many students are good in extracurricular activities like sports, singing, dancing etc. These students can nurture their passion and can continue their studies too with flexibility through NIOS.

Currently, about 19 lakh students from across the country are pursuing secondary (class 10), senior secondary (class 12) and vocational education programs under NIOS. It is one of the three national boards, and the only board looking after school education through open and distance education. It is on par with other national/state level boards of school education.

LaxmiVidyapeeth which promotes NIOS and is a training center for the same encourages this education option as it can help the youth become more confident, boosts their morale and helps them become good decision makers.

“Education for All”

LaxmiVidyapeeth, a NIOS Coaching Centre in Vapi and nearby areas.

Diploma Engineering college in Vapi- Laxmi Vidyapeeth

16 July 2019

Laxmi Vidyapeeth Diploma Engineering college recognize  as the best diploma engineering college in Vapi & sprawling 120 acres campus with facilities to match the imaginations of the elites. The lush green atmosphere of Laxmi Vidyapeeth Diploma Engineering College provides the students a system that is a perfect blend of modern techniques and traditional values facilitating the enhancement of their physical, mental, social and spiritual values. All these facilities have helped Laxmi Vidyapeeth to gain a reputation and is now identified as the Best Engineering College in Vapi, Gujarat.

This engineering college in Vapi aims to train students technically and prepares themselves to be good citizens of the country and prepares them to meet the challenges of life with confidence, imagination and integrity. This also helps them internationally and in global aspects too. Laxmi Vidyapeeth Diploma Engineering College has a dedicated International Relation Cell, which through student exchange programs helps students to widen their opportunities globally.

Laxmi Institute of Technology, has been at the forefront in imparting the training to bridge the gap between institute and industry and is working for the benefit of the society. We take great pride in our students who have recruited in companies through the campus placement drives of Laxmi Vidyapeeth.