LVS widen far beyond the gates of our campus

The LVS Campus is and always has been a place for the community with tangible sense of community at every level of the campus that enable everyone to instil a sense of belonging, acceptance and unified purpose. Since its establishment, LVS has constantly been committed to public service, and has remained focused on its goal to effect positive change in the society.

LVS in collaboration with local organizations is actively working on health care issues, environmental problems, bringing the arts to underserved areas, and putting all effort to promote equity, access, and social justice in community.

LVS Campus on the inside is a vibrant blend of existing and past students, their parents and staff, who support and desire for the prosperity of LVS. It is evident that valuable involvement of parent in school or college life is a critical factor in students' success and also in transforming campus into powerful communities.

Both the school and boarding environment at LVS encourages a strong sense of community and helps to build up friendships that will be sustained in life beyond the campus.