Importance of Field Trips in Education

25 August 2018

Importance of Field Trips in Education
Field trips are the most important part of education. It let students learn in the practical way which will be useful for them a lot.

Field trips require a lot of planning and management for teachers, but the output is exceptional.

Most of the students consider field trips as a one day picnic but all of them are unknown of the educational experience they are going to have on such trips.

Following are the benefits of field trips.

  • Learning in an interactive way
  • Entertainment
  • Lifetime Experiences
  • Interacting socially

Learning in an interactive way

Field trips help all the students to interact with different persons and get knowledge from them. The experience of learning about a concept or anything is something unmatchable.

Students learn better when they are taught new things practically because they can see and understand everything physically. In the classroom when students are explained they try to imagine and most of them fail to do that.

For example, when architecture students are told to draw a sketch of Taj Mahal in the classroom they will not be able to imagine the structure but when you take them in front of that building and ask them to draw what they see you will see the difference.


Field trips not only provide knowledge but also entertainment. Students enjoy a lot when you take them outside the campus.

They get refreshment from the daily routine of school and colleges. When a student is made to learn while enjoying they will learn better.

Students get motivated with excitement that they will learn something new and will enjoy a lot.

Lifetime Experiences

Many students don’t get a chance to experience the educational trips.

Students experience new things when they are taken to new places. Many parents because of financial issues cannot take their child on tour but when these students are taken to an unknown place they explore it in a much better way.

They crave to learn more and have an amazing experience. The field trip is not an easy task to do but the output is something you will remember for a lifetime.

Interacting socially

Field trips are all about meeting new people and learning from them. The students who are in college try to interact socially and learn many new things from the instructor.

Interactions teach students how to remain composed in all situations. Students learn self-control and behaviour turns more positive.

Teamwork is the greatest and most beneficial output of field trips as a group of students are combined together to explore the place and they learn to manage the group.

So the above listed are the most positive benefits of field trips. Students get exposure and they learn in a better way.

Plan a field trip for students today and see the difference.