Importance of Punctuality in School

4 October 2018

“Punctuality is the Soul of School”.

Punctuality defines the character of a student. If the student manages to be punctual in school he\she becomes capable of doing all work on right time. Punctuality teaches a student how to complete the work on right time so there is no chance of giving excuses of delay.

There is a famous proverb A stitch in time saves nine”  which means doing your work in time saves your time and unnecessary troubles.

Every student should learn to respect time. It is well said that “Time and Tide wait for none”. If you do not complete your work in the given time nobody is going to save that time for future, time keeps moving. Once it is gone you’re late. If you respect the time and do your work on time, you will never face troubles and you’ll get better at multitasking also.

In a student’s life, the most important thing is “DISCIPLINE”. There is a direct link between punctuality and discipline. Whether it’s a grade 1 student or a grade 12 student discipline is the most important factor. Punctuality teaches discipline. If you’re punctual in school you will learn to be in the discipline in a better way. Your punctuality in school shows how much disciplined as a student you are. Discipline is not about staying quiet in class, it’s about getting your tasks done on time. It shows everyone that you commit yourself a lot over studies.

Not all students develop the habit of punctuality by birth. Punctuality is all about learning and growing. A student who is punctual in work performs better in academics than the students who are not punctual. Punctual students develop a better personality, fresh thoughts, and a stable mind.

Punctuality teaches you how to build confidence. The more punctual you are the more work you will be able to do. So, your confidence level will increase. Being a student it is very much important to develop confidence. In every stage of a student’s life, there is a need for confidence. To perform better in all extracurricular activities you need to have that self-confidence.

Self confidence will help you in performing better. A student who has a strong confidence level is able to represent their own self in a much better way than others.

If you want to become a house or a group leader, you must have confidence. And if you are confident enough you will be the first preference of your teachers. So learn to be punctual which will result in a good confidence level.

In school, Punctuality is not about reaching school on time. Punctuality is a whole package which consists of many small characteristics. At the school level, if you do not be on time you lose many opportunities. For example, if there is a selection for cricket and you reach late; some other student will replace you. Even if you are more capable than the other one you will not get a place in the playing 11 of the team. , for any other activities and opportunities, the very first rule is to be punctual.

To achieve success in life and to achieve good grades the only key is Punctuality. If you complete your syllabus on time and prepare according to time then you will get good grades. No one is born with virtue, every single person needs to develop it. Even in corporate life if you complete your work on time you will have less pressure. Moreover, you will always get the appreciation for your timely efforts.

After reading all this you are now aware of the importance of punctuality, but a question might arise in your mind that how to develop this habit and maintain it?

It is very simple to develop a punctual life. Remember one thing in life “Time is the Key”. The very first step towards developing punctuality is time management. So, every day when you wake up start with making a to-do list. Make a list of all the things that you need to do in a day. After that according to the priority set the number of work which you have to complete first and which in last

Calculate approximate time for each to-do things and manage it. Think smart ways of completing those tasks so you can save your time. Keep a habit of practicing these things and you will develop a good habit of being punctual in every work.

In conclusion, Punctuality is the central element of success. Students who value time win the race.