Importance of Yoga in Students

20 September 2018

The exam season for students can be very stressful, particularly in India. School hours, tuition hours, homework, spending long hours in front of the computer and pressure to excel academically has taken a toll on the physical and mental health of students. Loss of sleep, anxiety, feeling low and lazy are just a few problems that students face.

Yoga, is the ultimate solution. Yoga, as we all know helps physically but it also helps to improve the mental health, which is the need of the hour for students. Doing Yoga for just a few minutes, helps the students to be tension free, healthy and happy. It gives students, the required concentration, focus and energy. There are many postures, pranayama and meditations which have been helping students to gain focus, memorize and retain things during exams and also improve their emotional energy. Some Yoga postures like the Surya Namaskar helps to be fit, increases flexibility and also increases the blood flow to the brain. Pranayams include regulated breathing which helps to calm their mind. Meditation helps them to focus better. The longer one meditates the better.

Yoga balances the mind, body and soul. Teaching students these activities helps them to train their body and mind. If practices regularly, Yoga helps in yielding many positive results.

Laxmi Vidyapeeth , in Valsad makes it a point to inculcate Yoga practices in students. Practicing Yoga from a young age and adding it to one’s daily schedule has manifold benefits. The temple of learning is located in a sprawling 120 acres campus with facilities to match the imaginations of the elites. In a serene environment away from the city, the lush green atmosphere of Laxmi Vidyapeeth provides the students a system that is a perfect blend of modern techniques and traditional values facilitating the enhancement of their physical, mental, social and spiritual values. Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Charitable Trust, Surat has been nourishing this temple of learning since June 2007. It was started with the perspective of trust, understanding and respect.