To practice excellence in the teaching - learning and research.

To prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

To mature them as leaders, practitioners/researchers.

In order to be commensurate with our mission, we place the following measurable objectives before ourselves for the next two years, viz., till January 2018:

To put in place a high quality need based training program for all our teachers so that:

At least 80% of them are able to practice effective teaching - learning process.

They are able to guide the students into research

Using Information Technology,

Using print and electronic media,

Using the library as a friend.

Before the students leave the Campus, they show inclinations to carry-on learning further into life.

To put in place a curriculum for leadership, where students learn to take the initiative and to take charge of their collective and individual lives.

To put in place a curriculum that supports the application of research as a lifelong habit.

To build a strong foundation at School/College, where students develop a strong sense of fun, a sense of confidence, a sense of self esteem and a sense of purpose.

To build an environment at the campus, where students want to belong to and to come back with strong bonds.