5 Non-Tech Games and Activities for Kids that will help them stay Healthy and Active

4 June 2019

The technology has overpowered the playing time of the kids and has made them the
couch potatoes. They are so engrossed in their phones that the whole beauty of going
out, playing outdoor games, and embracing the beautiful evenings has vanished away.
It's high time parents need to get them out of their caves and makes them do
activities that will help them stay healthy and active.
We have curated a list of a few Non-Tech games for kids that will help them stay
Healthy and Active -

1) Games of the 90s

Hide and seek, Kho-kho, Sakali, Langdi, Lagori are just a few out of the
numerous games of the 90s that kids can play. They are of great fun and
also beneficial for kids physically but, inspiring them to go out and play
these game won't be easy. As a parent get yourself involved, play with
them, introduce your kids to these games and we assure they would never
again get hooked to their video games.

2) Play Board Games when Bored

Today whenever kids get bored, they play games on the internet. Even
parents give their smartphones to kids to keep them busy. But, who says
that the use of smartphones, will keep the kid entertain? Make your kids
play carrom, UNO, board games like ludo, chess, snakes, and ladders that
will keep the boredom away and help them increase their concentration
and sharpen the minds.

3) Build Stamina not Calories

For kids, to not become overly fatigued while riding a cycle and able to keep up
while doing hula-hoops, stamina is very necessary. Encourage your kids to go for
skating, cycling or play some sports in the field. These activities will help them shed
those extra kilos, kill time productively, stay away from the gadgets, and build the
core-strength which will help them in the long run of life.

4) Go Old School

There are so many activities kids can do with their friends. It is not at all
necessary to go out in big malls and amusements parks to have fun. The simplest
of all is to have a mini picnic arranged from them in the backyard of your home.
Invite your kid’s friend, and let them have fun on their own. These simple
activities result in immense pleasure and a lifetime of bonding.

5) Dance, Sing, Repeat

With the increasing use of tech gadgets among kids, it has become very necessary
to divert their minds to the things which are beneficial for them. Make them join
the classes where they can learn these arts professionally, find their field of
interest, and develop healthy hobbies.

Doesn't all these sound entertaining as well as manageable? After all, technology
is not the only way kids can have fun. Get yourself involved with kids, make
them go back to doing all these, and see the new energetic and active side of