Safety & Security

Campus Safety and Security

At LVS we provide a safe and secure environment for the campus community. It is vital for us to keep the campus safe for students and employees who study, work and live here.

The Campus Safety and Security office augment the safety efforts by managing the emergency vigilance, fire prevention measures, parking and transportation.

Parents are also requested to support our efforts to make our campus and hostels a secure environment for our pupils. All doors are made secure 24 hours and access is only available via the main entrance. Parents are requested to leave their wards in Plaza and allow the house master to escort them into hostel. Visitors are then asked to report in the first instance to the Reception to sign the visitors' book and receive a gate pass countersigned. training, study and minimize noise.

Emergency Cards

Two Emergency Cards must be completed for every student at the beginning of academic year and one each shall be maintained in the Administrative office as well as with the hostel Rector. Up-to-date information allows the office / Rector to contact parents in case of an emergency. Therefore, it is extremely important to notify the hostels immediately if there is a change in address or telephone number(s) at home and/or at work.

Dismissal Cards

The student dismissal card, which is distributed at the start of the academic year, will allow us to have quick and accurate reference to where as well as with whom your ward is going during the major holidays. During the course of the year, if there are permanent changes to these arrangements, please let the hostel office know in writing.

Hostel Visitors

For the safety of all hostel students, no parent /adult is permitted to go to the hostel premises without first obtaining permission from the Campus Administrative Office.