Whole School Approach

At LVS we believe that Wellbeing is based on the science of Positive Education

LVS is a campus which specializes in regular and boarding education with culture of positive behaviour, strong intellectual heartbeat, crystal-clear commitment to social services and programmes that develops leadership.

LVS has implemented a whole campus approach to wellbeing as we trust that students benefit at large from being explicitly taught about wellbeing and their character strengths. We are practising positive education across the campus which is linked to the mission of Campus "To prepare students for a lifetime of learning". The goal is for students to learn and apply the necessary life skills to help them develop their true self.

Wellbeing refers to the overall development of student in all spheres viz. social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. LVS is functioning this by creating an inspiring emotional, social and physical learning environment and by conducting many activities on stress management, meditation, thinking abilities, life skills, gratitude, character strengths so that each student flourishes.