21 April 2019

When schools are on, the folks miss the vacations until they get hiccups and the moment vacation begins the situation turns vice-versa. Fighting the seasonal boredom can be a daunting task but, if the weapon is right, then there's no looking back.

Mentioned below are FIVE entertaining activities that one can fill each summer days with, and guess what? It won't even break the bank!

Learn a New Musical Instrument

Strum the Guitar or beat the drum, one can choose from the potential list of instruments available out there and learn during the summer vacations. Also, no surprise if one becomes a rock star of our country in the process.

Cook or Bake

Don't we all love filling our tummies with the yummies while at home during summer? This summer vacation, try and cook it. To begin with, one can bake some delicious brownies or cook some veggies.

Art & Crafts

Paint something creative on paper, canvas or the wall! Be innovative, make DIYs or satisfy the artistic skills by using those pastel colour paints which are about to dry.

Learn a New Language

Did you know, there are approximately 6500 languages in the word! Well, there is no harm in knowing a handful of them. Vacations are the best time to give your 100% to it. Also, greeting in different languages are always fun!

Seeding & Planting

Do you know what is best in the summer season? Seeding & Planting. A small pot, few seeds, mud, and water that's all one need to get started!

So, get ready and ring in the summer with these entertaining activities as there are many things to do and so little time!