14 April 2019

Does the thought of living away from your family and studying at a boarding school startle you? Of course, a tinge of home-sickness, missing your parents, friends might hit you in the beginning but, trust us living in a boarding school is that once in a lifetime opportunity which is totally worth it.

Don't believe us? Then, read the 07 reasons why boarding school is best and know it yourself.

1. The Academics & Overall development

Right from easy access to teachers to hi-tech labs, laboratories, and libraries, all these things add to your excellent academic results and overall personality development.

2. Lots of sports & co-curricular activities

At boarding school, you either become pro at playing football, become an excellent public speaker, or master the skills of performing arts; in all three cases, the benefit is yours.

3. Unlimited Fun & Adventure

Every boarding school has a little bit of Hogwarts in it - Magic, Fun & Adventure go hand-in-hand.

4. Get F.R.I.E.N.D.S for a lifetime

Just like Harry got Ron & Hermoine, you too will find friends who will make your life less boring, and more happening.

5. Unlimited Exposure

There is no better place than a boarding school for you to get exposed to different cultures, diversity, and religions which helps you in understanding the world better.

6. Be with Nature

The locations of the boarding school are the best thing about them. Far away from pollution, the serene environment brings the required calmness they need for their studies and health.

7. Disciplined, Independent & Responsible

You become self-reliable, you acquire the art of managing things on your own and a responsible human being. Plus, there is nothing more compelling than being all this at the same time.

At a boarding school, you don't remain a mere student, you become your caretaker, imbibe the quality of standing with friends through thick and thin, become artist or athlete. You begin your journey towards being called Self-made!