Life at Laxmi Vidyapeeth-Facilities

27 August 2018

Laxmi Vidyapeeth

Laxmi Vidyapeeth is spread over 120 acres in serene, natural and green surroundings. It endeavours to create a world-class infrastructure for primary, secondary, and college education.

The philosophy of LVS is to make school and boarding community a second home for students.

They try to maintain an environment that is happy, safe with varied opportunities to have the greatest chance of success.

Facilities provided by LVS

  • Hostel Facility
  • Health and wellness
  • Transportation
  • Sports
  • Housing and Dining

Hostel Facility:

The hostels at Laxmi Vidyapeeth have spacious rooms offering a modern lifestyle.

3 students can stay in one room.  Every room has study tables and chairs and attached washrooms.

The hostel also has different facilities like RO Water filter plant, water cooler, music system, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, telephone, Visitor's Room, Laundry Facility etc.

Health and Wellness:

There is a healthcare unit inside the campus which offers general medicine, regular checkups and much more.

The medical care unit has 6 beds and is well equipped with other types of equipment.

There is a qualified doctor and three full time qualified nurses in attendance during school hours.

The school maintains a health record for every child, which is updated annually.

Annual checkups are held of weight, height, and vision, and also specialist is called for hearing checkups.


LVS provides air-conditioned buses with Pick-up and drop-off facilities at Vapi, Daman, and Silvassa.

Drivers are trained and experienced to give a safe travel experience to students.

There are first aid boxes and all other emergency tools provided in all buses. Also, all buses are tracked through GPS.


LVS has 120 acres of lush green land at which all sports activities are held.

Students participate in different tournaments and encouraged to perform better by improvising their skills.


LVS has a “Tasty Spoon” mess which provides a refreshing and nutritious meal experience for students. The dining hall accommodates 600 students at a time and serves fresh and nutritious food to suit the taste of students from different regions.

Life at LVS is totally different than another campus. Once a student is enrolled at LVS he/she start living the best time of their life. An equal amount of focus is provided on academics as well as Extracurricular for the overall development of students.